The Darwino platform is an open platform for rapidly developing Social Business applications targeting primarily Mobile and Cloud.

While the current buzz is around terms like “Mobile First” or “Cloud First”, the Darwino team believes that “Business First” is even more important. The Darwino platform is designed around the idea that the majority of developers shouldn’t be worried about the low-level technical plumbing of application development, and instead should be enabled to focus their efforts on what the application should do to bring value to the business.

As such, the Darwino Platform is a full-stack, rapid, mobile application development platform, that drastically reduces the time to value. It provides significant key characteristics to both developers and organizations including:

  1. Multi-platform, multi-tenant, mobile-first architecture – write applications once that easily support your clients and all of their users’ devices.
  2. Online and Offline Runtime capability – Provide a truly mobile application by having the same user experience, whenever the device is connected or not.
  3. Data replication and synchronization – mobile-enable selected data from multiple sources, regardless of their origin, by replicating them down to the devices.
  4. No-SQL Database functionality – advanced JSON document based store on top of your existing data infrastructure.
  5. Social-context out of the box – write applications that have rich social features such as “like”, “comments”, etc., all built-in! Plus, Darwino integrates seamlessly with your social platform, such as IBM Connections.
  6. Rich component library – use Darwino’s set of rich UI components to quickly build mobile and web apps with near point and click development.
  7. Easy developer experience – leverage the Eclipse based Darwino studio to write, deploy and test your applications on all platforms.
  8. Supports multiple development platforms and vendors – because Darwino’s feature set is universally accessible via a REST API, your developers can use whatever platform they are comfortable with to deliver your applications, without needing to learn new technology.

The components of the Darwino platform work together to speed time to value. Developers are enabled to focus on building applications that deliver business value, while the platform manages the deep technical details of multiple mobile platforms, including mobile, offline data storage.

By using the Darwino platform, organizations’ development teams can quickly mobile-enable legacy systems and data, without needing to learn platform-specific skills and architecture. Darwino doesn’t replace your current technology stack or staff, but augments it in a manner that extends your current platform and people to the mobile environment. Whatever your legacy, the Darwino platform can extend it.