Build the Whole Application With Domino

There are a lot of mobile development platforms out there. However, most of them are very UI-centric, leaving developers to fend for themselves on the hard stuff – data management, security, replication, and so on.

Darwino’s architecture helps you with every level of your application, from UI, to data management, to social collaboration platform integration. But because it’s pluggable, you can pick and choose which pieces you want to use. Darwino never forces you to leave the one you love.

The Tools You Need to Achieve Your Goals

  • Full interactive UI component Library
  • Embeddable JSON data store – runs on server, and on local device – with the same API
  • Full API support, Javascript, Java, REST
  • Data encryption and security management out of the box

You Control How You Develop

  • Even though Darwino provides everything you need, you can choose whether or not to use any part of Darwino. The architecture is fully pluggable, and library based, so you choose exactly which components of the platform that you use.
  • Use whatever development environment and whatever other tools you choose.
  • Build native mobile applications that are available offline. Darwino makes the entire process an absolute breeze – without having to change your existing database platform.

Your Mob/Dev Secret Weapon For Enterprise App Development

Darwino removes all of the hassles that come along with app development and lets you focus on the apps themselves.

See how it's done!

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