Darwino Security Framework

Built-in Enterprise Security

The world of distributed application development leads to distributed data. Data on distributed devices can become a security nightmare. The Darwino platform encrypts data at rest, both in the DarwinoDB on the server, and on every device that stores DarwinoDB data. Not only that, all data transmitted between DarwinoDB instances is encrypted using HTTPS, automatically, out of the box (Enterprise edition only).

Your Mobile Data Management Issues Resolved – Automatically

  • DarwinoDB encrypts your data on the mobile device. This means that even if your user loses their device, your data is safe.
  • Darwino Data Replication streams are encrypted using HTTPS – by default, out of the box.
  • DarwinoDB allows you to control your data with full, role-based security at the database and document level.
  • DarwinoDB provides ACL security on every piece of data.
  • Build dynamic security filters, based upon membership in a group, an IBM Connections community, or any other entity you can think up.
  • Offline application access allowed through resolved, locally stored and encrypted passwords.

Secure your Mobile Application Data Today

The JSON Data Store of Your Dreams.

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