Darwino Studio

Darwino Studio

Darwino Studio is a robust development environment that integrates directly into Eclipse. Through the Darwino Studio’s application wizard, you can create the framework of a new Darwino application with a few clicks. Then, with a few lines of code, your Darwino application will be ready to run – on the Web, and/or natively on iOS and Android.

Darwino Studio – Providing you the tools you need to develop applications – lightning fast.

  • Everything you need to access and leverage the Darwino platform.
  • Full Eclipse integration, including access¬†to the Darwino Maven repository for intelligent build processing.
  • Wizard-based application initiation, with one-click support for building apps on multiple platforms.
  • Leverage¬†the full tooling and plug-in support of Eclipse.

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