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Your skills – Mobilized.

Darwino is your partner in taking your Java skills and making them social and mobile. Rather than having to learn the idiosyncrasies of each mobile platform, Darwino lets you write your application once – in Java, and deploy to iOS and Android – with almost no additional coding required.

Focus on Delivering Business Value

Mobile development involves lots of moving parts, on lots of platforms, including application code, data management, distributed services, and platform specific code. It is all too easy for developers to get caught up in the plumbing of mobile development, instead of being able to focus on the delivery of business value.

With Darwino, you can minimize your time to market by:

  • Building all of your functionality in Java
  • Removing the need to bring in new skills for mobile development
  • Deploying to the platforms of your choice with one click

Mobilize your Java Skills Today!

Build The Apps You Want How You Want To

  • If you want to build Web applications, do it the way you know how. Then use one hook to utilize pluggable Darwino architecture and enable secure, encrypted data storage, or data replication, or social features like comments, likes, etc.
  • If you want to build hybrid mobile applications that are available offline, Darwino will make the entire process an absolute breeze – all without having to change your server or storage environments.
  • Everything about Darwino was designed with one goal in mind: allowing you to leverage your existing skills and infrastructure for a return on investment larger than you could have ever thought possible.

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