Use Cases

Whatever the legacy, whatever the future, Darwino is here for you.

Whether you are a Java Developer looking to use your existing skill set to develop for mobile, a IBM Notes/Domino developer looking to modernize and mobilize your legacy apps, or a mobile-first developer looking for a platform to help you develop true offline-able applications, Darwino is the platform for you.

Java Developers

  • Build true, native mobile applications – in Java.
  • Use the patterns and platforms you are already an expert in.
  • Develop once, run on web & mobile.
  • Focus on delivering business value, instead of plumbing.

IBM Notes/Domino Developers

  • Familiar IBM Notes/Domino multi-point and bi-directional data replication model
  • Document-centric JSON data storage, with an API that is familiar to Domino and XSP developers.
  • Move to the Web without retiring your IBM Notes/Domino infrastructure.

Mobile First Developers

  • Everything you need to support your mobdev
  • Full Platform Development Support
  • Component-based native mobile architecture
  • True multi-platform, single-API JSON data store with true offline replication

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