Darwino 2.2 Release

Dynamic Security

In addition to Darwino’s existing flexible ACL capabilities and reader/writer support, Darwino now has the ability to add fully-programmatic security at the database and document levels, allowing for document access to be determined by document content, environment state, or any other mechanism at runtime.

Internationalization Facility

Darwino now includes a built-in internationalization facility that can be used throughout the provided Java framework, as well as tooling to assist in internationalizing both server- and client-side code easily.

Document Locking

Darwino now has the capability to lock documents for modification to improve application data integrity.

Innovative Logging Facility

The new Darwino logging facility includes the ability to do “pre-moterm” logging, allowing the developer to add log output to code that will only be output in the event of the problem. This provides an excellent balance between debugging-appropriate logging and maintaining a low amount of “chatter”.

Expanded support for Domino @Formula evaluation

The IBM Domino @Formula evaluation engine has been improved to cover a number of additional formulas that show up commonly in Domino view columns.

Misc. Improvements

– Added “read-only” mode sessions for improved application integrity
– Improved compatibility with Java 9 and 10
– Improved support for authenticating with Azure Active Directory
– Improved cursor ordering capabilities
– Improved JSQL capabilities for complex object types
– Improved support for Gradle/Android Studio-based mobile projects
– Improved React JS UI libraries
– Improved handling of empty item values from Domino documents
– Improve Domino DSL creation UI and language capabilities