Why Darwino?

Modernization, Migration, or New Development. For Every Platform.

Darwino provides a full stack development environment and all components necessary to modernize existing applications or to develop new, technologically sophisticated applications from scratch, utilizing single code streams that execute across multiple platforms.

All The Tools Your Developers Need. In One Place.

Developers can utilize these tools to extend existing applications or develop new ones having the following features:

  • Cross-platform: Address the entire spectrum of desktop and mobile operating environments using a single code-stream.
  • Synchronization/Replication: Comprehensive, integrated Synchronization/Replication capability enabling offline access, decentralization, and continuous availability.
  • Cloud Optimization: Single-click deployment across all of the popular hosted and cloud environments.
  • Encapsulation: Access four sets of vital services (file access, directory access, access to social-service platforms, and security) shielding the eccentricities of individual platforms.
  • Integrated JSON Data Store: Darwino is powered by DarwinoDB, a MongoDB-like multi-tenant-capable, NoSQL portable JSON data store, which sits on top of common relational databases.
  • Embedding: Embed and maintain synchronization of all, or selective parts of the DB itself into the application), enabling the rapid development of mobile versions of new or existing business processes.
  • Openness: Source-code transparency of all core components and API’s, and authentic open-source licensing of associated libraries and starter components.

Data Replication

Darwino offers critical abilities that are not available with alternatives:

  • Multi-point replication
  • Functional replication
  • External data synchronization
  • Mobile offline with full capabilities
  • Replication conflict handlers and more


  • Maximum speed
  • Superior productivity
  • Portability and interoperability
  • Scaling, integration and more

Powering Mission Critical Enterprise Applications for Mobility and the Internet of Things.

Darwino puts the power of enterprise applications back in the hands of developers - where it belongs.

No longer do you have to focus on the specific of each mobile platform or try to figure out how to best address the unique challenges of social collaboration platforms - you can focus all of your attention on the application itself, where it belongs.

Leveraging the Power
of Your Experience

Darwino is an open platform that adapts to what you already know, instead of forcing you to learn and re-learn new "rules" with each new app. You bring everything you know in terms of user interface, programming languages, database and more - we'll bring the tools you need when you need them the most.

Building Tomorrow's Applications Today

With Darwino, you can "future proof" your applications, allowing them to live forever the way that you always intended. Darwino can help you design mobile and cloud-based apps for Android, iOS, Brillo and more.

Darwino also supports all platforms that you have your eye on - from web apps to native mobile apps to hybrid applications and then some. Our advanced hybrid architecture even allows you to leverage the power of the Internet of Things (IOT) to your advantage.

No Connection?
No Worries

Thanks to Darwino's advanced offline replication capabilities, you don't have to worry about lost productivity due to a lack of Internet or general connectivity ever again. It isn't that no connection needs to be present - with Darwino, you're always connected. You can start working online and keep working right where you left off, even if no Internet access point is present. It really is that simple.