About Us


Darwino Inc. is a spinoff of Trilog, Inc., offering a modern enterprise application development environment. The Darwino product has been in development for over three years, and was commercially launched in January 2016, soon after which the first customer licenses were sold.


The Darwino team has extensive enterprise development, marketing, and sales experience from years at companies like IBM, Lotus, and several related business partners. They have been working together as a cohesive group for over a year.

Alex Homsi, CEO, founded Trilog Group several years ago where Phillipe Riand (CTO) was also his trusted CTO. They were successful in selling a previously-developed application development platform (XSP) to IBM in 2005. Now the two have come together again, and with the support of Matthias Grossmann, to found Darwino. The team is complemented by  Bill Reich (Sales), who has led several emerging companies to rapid revenue growth.