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Anytime you choose a particular database as an app developer, what you’re really choosing are a strict set of limitations that you will have to contend with. Darwino DB was designed from the ground up to free you from those limitations, giving you complete control over the end product the way you’ve always wanted.

DarwinoDB – The Functional Component That Makes Everything Possible

  • DarwinoDB includes a NO-SQL, JSON Document Store, which itself includes all of the semi structured data and binary attachments you need to get started today.
  • DarwinoDB allows for a granular security model, allowing you to set permissions and access rights down to the document level, giving you the complete end-to-end security that you’ve always dreamed of.
  • DarwinoDB includes an extensive MongoDB-like query and data transformation language which includes full text search capabilities.
  • DarwinoDB includes native multi-tenancy capabilities to support the cloud-based security that is now a requirement in the digital world of business that we now live in.
  • It also includes multi-point data replication, allowing you to work between clients and servers, across platforms and more – the choice is well and truly yours.
  • It also includes a host of valuable integrated social features, from tagging and rating to voting and sharing to commenting and everything in between. If your social platform of choice can do it, so can DarwinoDB.
  • DarwinoDB is also fully transactional allowing you to support your business-critical application needs.

The best part of all: DarwinoDB runs on your existing relational database

  • This one simple decision allows you to take full advantage of existing RDBMS features, including but not limited to the new JSON capabilities.
  • This allows DarwinoDB to truly act as the missing link between NoSQL and NewSQL that you’ve been desperately searching for.

Also available are enablement sessions, workshops and other educational resources that can allow you to unlock the true potential of your investment. Whether you’re just starting with the wonderful world of Darwino or want to brush up on some of the more advanced topics to help execute your projects as closely to your vision as possible, we’re here for you – guaranteed.

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