Darwino – Pluggable, Embeddable Architecture for Enterprise Applications

Building platform-agnostic enterprise applications is in the DNA of Darwino. It all starts with a fully pluggable architecture, that gives you complete freedom as to what parts of the platform you wish to use. Also, because it’s all embeddable, you can run your apps anywhere – even when they’re not connected to the internet!

In addition, Darwino supports both IBM BlueMix and Microsoft Azure and their core services. This allows you to use the cloud platform of your (or your customer’s) choice, without having to modify your application.

Darwino DNA

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Darwino Platform Components


DarwinoDB. DarwinoDB is a JSON store that runs on any RDBMS system AND your users’ mobile devices with the exact same API. It is the foundation of the Darwino Platform.

DarwinoDB provides out of the box a very advanced data synchronization mechanism that is multi-point and bi-directional. Data can be replicated from server to server, or from the server to a mobile device. Importantly, data can be synchronized not only from other DarwinoDB instances, but also from any data source.


Darwino API. The Darwino platform exposes its full API via libraries in Java, Javascript, and also as REST Services. Using the Darwino API, developers on any platform can call the Darwino runtime natively, without changing the existing infrastructure. Also, the Darwino API includes the Darwino Social API, which can social enable any application instantly.


Darwino Data Connectors. Darwino provides a set of Data Connectors that can link your DarwinoDB database with any RDMBS, JSON or other data store – including IBM Notes/Domino.

Not only do the Darwino Data Connectors allow you to link to other stores, they allow you to both join and transform your data as it moves bi-directionally.  It can do this, even if the source data repositories are based on different technologies (e.g., SQL and JSON).


Darwino Studio. This is the primary development environment for the Darwino platform. Although one can choose to build Darwino applications from most development platforms, the Darwino Studio is an integrated IDE plug-in for Eclipse that provides developers with all the tools that they need to develop rich Social Business applications. The Darwino Studio will automatically generate the code required to deploy your application natively across mobile platforms.

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