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Build your Web App, then deploy to any device with a click.

Web 2.0 is old hat, but you’re not. With Darwino, your web development skills seamlessly transfer to the world of enterprise applications integrated with mobile devices, the cloud, and social collaboration platforms. Build apps in the technology you know now, add a few hooks, and your app is now a hybrid mobile app, running online or offline on any device.

Fully Offline-capable Architecture

Darwino creates a fully functional web server and database environment on the mobile device. When the device is online, the user can access the server directly, or work locally to preserve bandwidth. When the device is offline, the local application server and database instance takes precedence, and the user can complete their work seamlessly until a network connection can be restored.

Darwino makes you a mobile developer – today!

  • Darwino lets you build your web app the way you’re used to, then to deploy as a hybrid mobile app instantly.
  • Darwino’s DNA is social collaboration. It manages likes, shares, response comments and more – all for you, automatically and at all times.
  • Darwino provides you with all of the functionality you need to extend your apps to mobile devices or integrate your existing apps with social collaboration platforms with a couple of API calls.

Thanks to Darwino, your web development skills are now enterprise application development skills. Darwino can take your existing applications and extend them to the mobile world – without you having to learn mobile platform plumbing or UI development.

The Future is Now

Darwino: making today’s development skills, tomorrow’s development skills.

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