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Darwino delivers an enterprise application development platform that you can integrate mobile devices that seamlessly replicate with Java. Document-based storage? Check. Full-text search out of the box? Check. Bi-directional, multi-point replication? Check. Offline functionality? Check.

Darwino speaks Domino. With the Domino connector, you can seamlessly replicate your mobile applications directly with your IBM Notes and Domino databases without having to modify your databases or server infrastructure. With the Darwino Studio, you can build apps using the same skills you have now.

Keep reading to find out how Darwino takes you mobile and beyond.

Darwino Delivers Double for IBM Notes/Domino Developers

First – Extend the Life of your Notes Applications

  • Darwino was designed from the ground up to provide you with all of the functionality you need to bring your existing IBM Notes and Domino apps into the world of social mobile applications.
  • The Darwino Connector for IBM Notes & Domino uses true “Notes-Like” replication to get your IBM Notes NSF data to the DarwinoDB JSON Data Store – and from there to anywhere.
  • IBM Notes and Domino applications can be leveraged and deployed in the cloud, without having to eliminate or modify your infrastructure in any way.

Second – You already speak Darwino

  • Your knowledge about the document-centric data paradigm is fully applicable to the Darwino DB data store and API.
  • If you know IBM Notes/Domino, you will feel right at home in the Darwino API.
  • Darwino takes your current skills and modernizes them in minutes.


Explore the API in the Playground

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Users Everywhere? Data and Apps Anywhere.

The diagram to the left illustrates the power of Darwino in a legacy IBM Notes/Domino environment. Suppose you have built an existing IBM Notes/Domino application that users access via the Notes client and an XPages application.

Without touching that application, you can extend the data and functionality to the cloud and mobile via DarwinoDB and the Darwino platform. Users in any location access the application in their needed manner, and the data is replicated across the application environment seamlessly.

Darwino Liberates & Leverages your Notes Skills and Applications

Darwino extends the life of your NSF applications and transports them to the cloud. Try it today!

Thanks to Darwino, you can now take your existing Notes and Domino applications and extend them to virtually any platform you’d like, allowing them to truly “live forever”. The best part is you get to accomplish this all WITHOUT having to hire programmers with specific platform expertise. If you have Domino expertise and Java knowledge, you can extend your Notes Applications to the cloud, and socially enable them as native mobile applications – lightning fast!

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