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Darwino – the 100% embeddable platform

Darwino is a full-stack development platform that is perfect for building IoT applications. Between the fully embeddable JSON Darwino DB data store, and support for full featured offline business logic execution, and the ability to replicate data from an unlimited number of hosts – using your existing database platforms, Darwino is the smart way to build apps for smart things.

Replicate Data From Anywhere

  • Wherever your data is being generated, Darwino brings it home – even when connections are sporadic.
  • Darwino manages at-rest and in-transit encryption natively.
  • Darwino’s architecture is pluggable, cloud-first, and platform agnostic.

Darwino is the Glue for the IoT

  • Everything about Darwino was designed with one goal in mind: allowing you to leverage your existing infrastructure for a return on investment larger than you could have ever thought possible.
  • Link your current IT landscape into the IoT through Darwino – replicate IoT generated data into your legacy infrastructure seamlessly.


The Embeddable Platform for the IoT

Distributed data, brought home, seamlessly.

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