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Historically, reporting with Domino has been a hassle: the extremely restrictive query capabilities, proprietary data structure, and lack of standard data API made data reporting a slow process.

Now with Darwino, reporting Domino data is easy and quick. There’s no coding involved in the reporting, data is updated near-instantaneously when Domino data changes, and you can use standard tools such as Tableau, Cognos, BIRT and Power BI.

Darwino’s State-of-the-Art Replication Engine:

the Most Advanced Solution for Domino Reporting.

  • Multipoint, bi-directional, incremental
  • Security layer to only replicate authorized data
  • High performance and scalability
  • Supports transactions, with optional commit thresholds
  • Selective replication, for replication of data subsets
  • Extended data model, including binary attachments and meta-data
  • Data transformation to dynamically adapt the data model
  • Customizable replication logic (conflicts, error recovery…)
  • Transport agnostic (HTTP/HTTPS…)
  • and more (multi-tenancy, data aggregation…)

 Case Studies: Darwino Solves Customers’ Data Reporting Problems

Case Study #1

  • Large agency in Ireland
  • Several dozen large NSFs containing emails and other non-structured data
  • Wanted to get the data to MS SQL Server and Elastic Search
  • Set up full replication for databases within a day and customized replication for their needs over the next couple days
  • The team running the Elastic Search side needed no Domino knowledge

Case Study #2

  • International development company in Bethesda, MD
  • Initially wanted to use Darwino just for offline mobile apps, but became interested in the reporting possibilities during the initial workshop
  • During the workshop, the business-analysis lead was able to generate cross-database reports using Microsoft Power BI that would have taken significant development on Domino alone

Case Study #3

  • Construction company with a suite of Notes-based products
  • They want to remain on Domino, but had significant trouble running reports against their data, hitting limitations, performance problems, and server crashes with NotesSQL, DomSQL, and other tools
  • Used Darwino to replicate their data to PostgeSQL and configure views to run their existing BIRT-based reports significantly faster and more reliably than previously

Free your Domino data

Darwino makes Domino reporting hassle-free and fast. Try it today!

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