Darwino APIs & REST Services

REST assured, it integrates. In Darwino the API Comes First

Every function in the Darwino platform is exposed as in a full Java and JavaScript API, as well as through a REST service. Also, because the platform is pluggable, it means that you can expose any of your custom code as an API call or REST service as well. This means the days of difficult integration, and siloed functionality are over. Welcome to a RESTful development life!

Darwino Platform API Libraries

  • Whether you build your code in Java, JavaScript or anything else, the Darwino API is available to you
  • A pluggable library architecture gives you the freedom to choose any part of the architecture to include in your application.
  • Full access to the Darwino DB Services from anywhere – using POJOs, JavaScript or REST APIs
  • Social-enable any application with a couple of service calls.
  • Build any application, anywhere, using the Darwino platform.

REST Easy...

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