Orlando, FL – January 31, 2016 – Darwino, Inc., the provider of ground-breaking application development solutions, today announced the release of the Darwino Community and Enterprise Editions at IBM Connect 2016. Available immediately, Darwino enables developers to quickly and easily develop Mobile Social Business Applications that can run on any platform, connect to any application and any data source, all while being accessible anywhere – even offline.

“Darwino was designed from the ground up to be a comprehensive enterprise mobility platform,” said Philippe Riand, CTO of Darwino, “With this release, we’re focused on enabling developers to quickly create new social mobile-driven business applications as well as providing the ability to quickly extend existing enterprise applications to mobile devices while guaranteeing full functionality when disconnected from a network.”

As part of this release, Darwino provides a full stack of data and business process-driven tools that enable developers to build social applications that can then be used on any mobile device or browser, freeing developers from the inherent limitations of particular operating systems. In addition, DarwinoDB, a portable JSON store that also acts as a fully featured NoSQL database engine, gives developers the ability to add mobility to legacy applications – and futureproofing previous IT investments.


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