On Sunday, January 31st, Darwino will be available for download! Finally, the development platform that you’ve been waiting for is ready for you to start working with. Darwino offers:

  1. A flexible, pluggable, architecture that allows you to build social, mobile applications super fast, and to deploy to multiple platforms with the click of a button.
  2. DarwinoDB – an enterprise-grade JSON store that works with your existing RDBMS system.
  3. Darwino Connector for IBM Notes Domino – a full, two way, secure replication engine that allows you to integrate your existing IBM NotesĀ data with your mobile apps – without changing your IBM Notes applicationĀ at all.
  4. Enterprise-grade security – with Darwino Enterprise Edition, your mobile data is safe at rest on the mobile device, because it’s encrypted – automatically.
  5. Much, much more – a few bullet points can’t in any way give you the sense of all that Darwino has to offer.

Come see us at IBM Connect in Orlando, January 31 – February 3, 2016. Booth 335!