Multi-platform development is a potential disruptor to Agile & DevOps throughput. When writing for multiple platforms, the overhead for practices like stand-up meetings, automated testing, customer reviews, continuous delivery and deployment are all multiplied. Various platforms mean that teams must develop unique applications – especially to leverage capabilities such as local data storage, etc. All of this unique work slows down development, increases testing overhead, and creates deployment coordination issues – reducing throughput for the entire system.

Darwino allows you to deploy hybrid applications to the web, iOS, and Android, and still allow you to deliver feature-rich experiences – even when offline. If you choose, you can also enable native mobile applications – built ONCE, in Java, and deployed to iOS and Android. Because of this, your applications can be built, tested, and deployed using a single test, build, and deployment architecture. Consistent use of a common platform increases speed, reduces fragility, and maximizes throughput.

Darwino allows you to write once, deploy everywhere, consistently, and confidently – lightning fast.


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