Darwino is platform-agnostic, but it’s also Domino-friendly. Darwino allows you to build applications that leverage and liberate your IBM Notes and Domino data, and bring it to the cloud – without having to change your Notes & Domino applications. Sure, you can use Darwino to migrate your Notes/Domino apps, but you don’t have to.

In fact, as the diagram illustrates, your users can continue operate in the Notes/Domino XSP world, simultaneously with the mobile and social world of the Darwino ecosystem.

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Darwino is a student of Domino. Darwino understands the power of multi-point, offline capable replication of data. Darwino understands the power of the deployed, offline capable application. Darwino understands the power of platform agnosticism. Just like IBM Notes Domino did (and still does).Document based storage? Domino did it 30 years ago. Darwino does it, with today’s document-based technology – JSON. In fact, Darwino speaks Domino. The same paradigms developers have leveraged for 30 years in the Notes Client and XPages context, are now available to mobile developers.

Run your applications on any application server (even Domino). Run your JSON store on any relational database – no need to buy a new database technology. Write applications once – in the UI technology of your choice, and in plain old java, and deploy to the Web, to iOS, to Android, and to Hybrid mobile applications, without recoding a thing. Darwino’s pluggable architecture gives you complete control about how and where to utilize the Darwino platform. Darwino’s Java, JavaScript, and REST API exposes every feature of the platform to you, on whatever platform you choose. Enterprise-grade encryption lets you rest assured that the data you deploy to mobile devices will always be secure.

If this sounds familiar, it should. IBM Notes Domino changed the way that companies collaborated. Darwino is poised to change the way that the internet of people and things connects, collaborates, and coexists – no matter the platform, no matter the data, no matter the application.

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Dr. John F. Tripp, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Information Systems at Baylor University, and the Chief Evangelist for Darwino, Inc. His research includes the processes of software development, trust and social media, and social media and its application to the enterprise. His IT career started as a Certified Lotus Professional Developer, Administrator and Notes Trainer. He worked in industry for 16 years until beginning his academic career. He lives in Waco, TX with his wife and 8 children.